Canadian Association of Principals Conference 2017


The CAP Pre-Conference 2017 will take place on May 23rd. The conference itself will take place at two hotels located across the street from each other – the Delta Bessborough and the Sheraton Cavalier. (To book at room, just let the hotel know you are attending the CAP Conference).

Tuesday, May 23rd: Pre- Conference

After registration, participants get on a bus to go on a tour of two schools (You get to choose from 4 themes ahead of time). The bus leaves the hotel at 9:10, with the first tour taking place at 9:30.

After a 90 minute tour, hop on the bus to the next school. At 12:45, all participants will come together at a downtown restaurant for lunch. After this, participants can easily walk back to the hotel, or can choose to explore our downtown shops and mall.

At 5pm, all pre-conference participants are invited to the Wine and Cheese!

The themes are:

First Nations and Metis programming 1

Mental Health programming

Innovative High School programming

Fine Arts and Inquiry programming